Investment ground – Rozprza

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Lodz Special Economic Zone
200 ha
Investment ground
For sale

Max. area available (as one piece) [ha]: 200, The shape of the site: Trapeze, irregular. Possibility for expansion (short description): Zoom on ca26ha northbound, Approx. land price [PLN/m2]including 22% VAT: ca 80PLN/m2, Owner(s): State Treasury – Agricultural Property Agency, Valid zoning plan (Y/N): Y, Zoning: The planned allocation in accordance with the study, industry production, small-scale production , processing, services, warehouses, depots, service agriculture. Soil class with area [ha]: RIVa – 0,1300RIVb – 0,4100RV – 59,0143RVI – 124,6585RVIz – 4,4343ŁIV – 1,0224ŁV – 3,3379PsIV – 1,593PsV – 5,4082PsVI – 0,4900LzV – 1,6929W – 0,5867N – 0,2557Differences in land level [m]: 234,3 – 216,8 17,5m. Present usage: Agriculture, Soil and underground waterpollution (Y/N): N, Underground water level [m]: No data, Were geological research done (Y/N): N, Risk of flooding or land slide (Y/N): N, Underground obstacles (Y/N): N, Ground and overhead obstacles (Y/N): Power line 110kV , 15kV power line , sludge drying beds with earthen slopes with a heightof 1m. Ecological restrictions (Y/N): non- realization of projects which may always have a significant impact on the environment, documented archaeological sites, Buildings / other constructions on site (Y/N): N, Access road to the plot (type and width of access road): Paved roadway – 8m, Earthy roadway paved – 10m Nearest motorway / national road [km]: Direct neighborhood – with no exit Congress – Kamieńsk 9km, Railway line [km]: Rozprza – 11km, Railway siding [km]: Rozprza – 11km, Electricity (Y/N): Y, Connection point (distance from boundary) [m]: The line on the property, Voltage [kV]: 15kV i 110kV, Available capacity[MW]: by demand, Gas (Y/N): N, Connection point (distance fromboundary) [m]: 2000m, Calorific value [MJ/Nm3]: No Data, Pipe diameter [mm]:DN350 MOP 2,4MPa, Water supply (Y/N): N, Connection point (distance from boundary) [m]: 250m from the deep well, Available capacity [m3/24h]: 2000