Support for exporter

As part of the pro-export services we offer:

  1. providing stakeholders with information to entrepreneurs to identify the market for a given type of product / services and investments outside the Polish border.
  2. search in available databases (both at home and abroad) information on potential business partners in exports.
  3. obtaining and sharing the interested entrepreneurs and groups of undertakings market information in the form of: – Foreign reports, analysis, market research, studies by sector-related and information on: administrative and legal, financial, including the security of business transactions, aspects of doing business in foreign markets, also in the development of export business and making / implementation of investments for abroad.

The existing rules to open branches and representative offices abroad.

  1. The provision of information on the sources and procedures for obtaining funds to finance export activities and investments abroad, with European Union assistance programs: national and regional budgetary funds (public).


Modification date: 19.06.2017


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