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a building with history and many years of tradition.
Like many factories in Lodz, it also waited for its second life and renovation for a long time. Former factory of knitwear and stockings, built in 1888 by brothers Wilhelm and Teodor Huffers, initially employed 80 workers, and after enlargement and modernization in 1904 nearly 200. After the state was established in the factory of clothing industry “Wólczanka.” Factory for a long time. was forgotten and not used.

Only the present owners took care of restoring the factory’s former glory, transforming it into a modern office space. Yes, with the passion and the taste of the postmodern architecture, DIFFICULT FACTORY was born.

Thorough renovation, attention to the smallest details or restoration of architectural elements from the old era, while combining with modern has given an amazing effect.

Currently FURNISHED FACTORY is 2500 m2 usable area. The building has 3 storeys, ground floor with an area of ​​about 1100 m2 and 2 floors with an area of ​​about 700 m2 each.

The offered space is “open space” with the possibility of sharing and arranging according to the requirements and needs of the future tenant. The building has also been equipped with fiber infrastructure, two independent suppliers, giving the possibility of using reliable and fast
Internet connection.


RESTAURANT FACTORY is a modern and prestigious office space for rent for companies looking for a unique and unique style, a “soul” building, modern, with the pleasure of staying in it. This place will make you and your company also begin a new phase.

All of the office space offered in SKRZYWANA FACTORY is open space and can be adapted to the needs and needs of the tenant.

The minimum office space for rent is 70.5 m2. Surfaces can be increased with additional modules as needed. Each module is 23.5 m2 in size.

In the case of space divided into smaller, the tenants will have social facilities and toilets separated from the common area. The cost of common space is also divided and added in proportion to the space rented.

In the case of renting the whole wing in SKRZYWANA FACTORY, it is possible to separate their own toilet or social facilities.

For each rented 70.5 m2 of office space in SKRZYWANA FACTORY we offer the possibility of buying one parking place.

From time to time you need to arrange a meeting for more people or training? No problem.


FOR RENTED we offer the possibility to rent a meeting room for up to 30 people with multimedia equipment!

The floor consists of 1 part A with an area of ​​428.8 m2, in addition to this part there is a kitchenette with toilets.

The floor consists of part 2 A with an area of ​​430.3 m2. In addition, they are included in this section toilets. Level 2 A does not imply the possibility of separating smaller areas.

Level 2 B is 273.4 m2 surface. Does not assume. The ability to split into smaller offices. It is possible to separate a separate toilet and kitchenette.


Rent rate from: 35 zł / m2 net

Operating costs: 10 PLN / m2 net *

Electricity: calculated on the basis of meter readings


The proposed rental rate includes:

concept of arrangement of the selected area (prepared according to the requirements of the tenant),

professional help of the designer, division of the surface with 10 cm,

floor coverings or carpet (depending on the selected floor), painting the walls in the color chosen by the tenant, finishing and bathroom equipment,

electrical installation, internet, telephone (these have already been done) Cost of operation includes *:

24/7 security for outdoor areas and common areas, outdoor and outdoor space maintenance, outdoor lighting FIREWALL FACTORS and common areas, water and sewage disposal,

central heating from its own modern gas boiler, waste and refuse disposal,

maintenance costs of all technical installations and equipment.


* Advance amount settled in the annual period


Ewa Choińska

Inspektor pro-invest

Urząd Marszałkowski Województwa Łódzkiego / Marshal’s Office of the Lodzkie Region

Departament ds. Przedsiębiorczości / Department of Entrepreneurship

Regionalne Centrum Obsługi Inwestorów i Eksporterów / Investors and Exporters’ Regional Service Centre

Tuwima 22/26 pok.540, 90-002 Łódź
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